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Victorian Terrace Planting Plan


The owners of this Victorian terraced house had some clear ideas on what they wanted for their garden but needed advice on the soft landscaping.  There were a few plants that they were keen to include but wanted to ensure all their choices worked together and were in keeping with the rennovations they were doing on the house.


The planting plan includes some fruit trees trained against the fence to minimise created shade in the garden, lots of showy roses and flowers as well as some additions that will ensure interest in the garden throughout the year.  Herbs have been placed near the kitchen door amongst other flowering plants and space has been left for a small veg patch for the clients to grow their own.  There is some maintenance required for these plants as the clients were keen to get their fingers a bit green!

The front garden was also tidied and planted up

10 months on the planting has filled out to give the clients the garden they wanted.

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