No Trees

One of the things we loved about our house when we first viewed it was the garden and the enclosed feel it had.  It is surrounded by other houses and gardens but feels very private and not over-looked at all.  During the summer months (assuming it isn’t a summer like last year) we have all the doors and windows open, eat outside, sit and read and the children play in the garden in a kind of blissful, almost idyllic way and are completely out of view of our neighbours.  Visitors to our house often comment on how private and hidden away the house and garden are despite being in a residential road in a town.

My Garden

This is the main view from the house of my garden, it is what we see as we sit outside.  The trees in the top left of the photo are some conifers in our neighbours garden that are not particularly pretty but do a great job at giving our garden the secluded feel we love so much and also mean that we are not over-looked by the rest of the even numbered houses on our road.

However, while I was work the other day I got a text message from our other neighbour simply saying ‘the trees have gone.x’ and this is what I came home to.

No Trees

The trees are indeed gone and so has the secluded, hidden garden we once had.

Of course we knew that this was going to happen and we knew that it was going to open up our garden to the rest of the street but I wasn’t expecting to feel quite the way I did.  Our new neighbour is building an extension and so the trees had to go to make way for foundations and walls.  Don’t get me wrong though, we have no objection to the extension, we just feel a bit sad that the trees have had to go.  This isn’t going to be our final view from our house as the extension of the next 2 neighbours will soon be built and will be the same size as the white building you can see.  So with the building we will almost certainly re-gain some of our privacy but with a different feel.

And so I am left pondering what to do in my garden this summer.  There are many positives to the loss of these trees

– they were not particularly attractive, fast growing conifers

– they took a lot of light from the front of the house that is now much brighter

– they created a big rain shadow and the lawn has always struggled towards the fence

– the border against the fence is so dry that I have lost numerous plants and this I am sure is because of the conifers talking all the moisture out of the soil

– it gives me the chance to do some planning and designing in my own garden again!

I am going to enjoy coming up with a new planting plan for this part of the garden.

The fence is not quite 6 foot tall and so our first job will be to add some trelissing and climbers to the fence to ensure that my very tall husband doesn’t feel like he is constantly peering into other peoples houses.  I will be including a small tree or two in the design as I love the height that they add to the outline of the garden as well as the interest in the ‘horizon’.  And of course I will get the opportunity to buy lots of new plants for myself this year.

So I am looking forward to spending more time in our garden and making it even more my own and while I feel a little sad about our ‘loss’ it will be a positive evolution to my little hidden part of Ascot.

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